3 Myths About Teen Depression

3 Myths About Teen Depression

There are many assumptions about depression in teens. Below are some common myths I hear from parents:


1. If my teen is depressed they have a mental illness

If your teenager is feeling depressed it does not mean that they have a mental illness. There are many levels of depression and only very serious cases would be considered diagnosable as a mental illness.


2. If my teen wears all black then they are depressed

There are many different ways to express individuality. Just because your teen dresses in “Gothic” style does not mean they are depressed. They could be rebelling against social norms or possibly wanting to look like their favorite band member. If your teen drastically changes their look though, it could be a warning sign that something is not going well in their life.


3. If my teen is quiet then they are depressed

Shyness can be mistaken for depression. Everyone’s personality is different and though your teen may not be that talkative, it does not mean they are depressed. However, if they are usually chatty but then for weeks become quiet, it may be a good time to check in with them about how their life is going.

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