Understand Your Teenagers Hormones to Help Stop Depression

Understand Your Teenagers Hormones To Help Stop Depression

We all know how chemicals and parts of our brains can affect our moods. We also know that situational events like breakups, tests, friends and family issues can also affect our moods. And, we know that sometimes it’s also a combination of both. But… did you know… that hormones also affect how teenagers feel and can contribute to depression they are experiencing?

How Hormones Affect Our Mood

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was in elementary and high school, I was never taught about progesterone and estrogen. I didn’t know that progesterone makes you tired and estrogen can cause high energy and anxiety. I didn’t know that females experience not one but two PMSs a month due to low estrogen! I didn’t know that when you ovulate your self-esteem will be at it’s highest!

Hormone Horoscope

Then, a couple years ago, I came across this AMAZING FREE app! Hormone Horoscope tracks your cycle and by combining all scientific research on hormones, it tells you how you probably going to feel that day based on your hormone levels! This app helps my clients understand their cycle and notice if their hormones are also contributing to the depression they are experiencing! PLUS it gives you advice on how to harness your hormones to your advantage!

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