Why Investing in Counselling For Your Teenager Could Save You Big $$$ in the Future

Why Investing in Counselling For Your Teenager Today…

Could Save You Big $$$ In The Future

Life is expensive! Every month it can seem like you have pennies after paying rent/mortgage, car payment,  food for your family, cell phone bills, Internet, and so much more! It can sometimes seem unfathomable to break even each month, let alone add another fee to your ever expanding list of bills.

But what if an extra expense could save you and your teenager money in the future? Would you be willing to spend more money now?

Below are possible ways that investing in counselling for your teenager could save you both $$$:

 #1 Healthier Body

Depression affects our bodies in so many ways! If left unchecked depression can contribute to insomnia, weaken immune system, chronic body pain, and much more!

How counselling can reduce the cost:

In counselling session, your teenager and I can unpack the depression they are experiencing and resolve issues that are contributing to it. That could mean seeing your teenager could feel physically better and thus fewer specialists and doctors in the future and saving $$$!

#2 Focused Direction in Life

Sometimes depression can be caused by worry about the future. There are so many options for teenager’s career paths it can seem daunting to think about what they want to do with their life. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to end up in a college or university program that months later they decide they do not want to be in anymore. This can cost your teenager and you extra money to apply to another program or take other courses to fulfill another degree requirement.

How counselling can reduce the cost:

In counselling sessions, your teenager and I can discuss the uncertainties about life and help to narrow down career paths. Potentially, saving you both money as your teenager will have a better understand of who they are and who they want to become.

BONUS: Emergency Plan Created

By finding a mental health counsellor that your teenager likes, they will have a counsellor in place if something serious happens. They will do not have to waste time building a relationship with a counsellor and you will not have to spend money and time trying to find a counsellor they actually like. They will have one in place and we can get straight to the issue!


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