Can Medication Stop My Teenagers Depression?

Can Medication Stop My Teenager’s Depression?

Depending on the severity of your teenager’s symptoms, doctors and psychiatrists can prescribe medication to help improve their mood. Antidepressants can help teenagers feel better and stop depression from affecting their lives. Yet, there can be side effects and risk of dependence on the medication to stay happy.

How Can Medication Help?

Antidepressants work to balance chemicals in your teenager’s brain to help them feel better. Most times it will take a couple weeks to see improvement (if the medication prescribed is right for your teenager).

Why Not Just Take Medication?

Medication can be wonderful! But it alone cannot solve all problems. Just because your teenager’s mood improves does not mean that all the problems in their life disappear. Counselling can fill the void that medication cannot. In counselling sessions, your teenager can unpack and explore their experience, find solutions to problems they are experiencing, and have support from a professional that wants to help them! Medication just can’t do all that.

Can Counselling Alone Help?

YES! You do not need to be on medication to get better! Medication is just one option of many. Counselling can also help your teenager stop depression from affecting their life WITHOUT the side effects and possible dependence on medication. Mental health counselling can improve your life with or without including medication 🙂


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