Why Halifax Teenagers Choose Julia As Their Counsellor

Why Halifax Teenagers Choose Julia As Their Counsellor

There are so many choices for counsellors in Halifax. Every counsellor has a different personality and helps in different ways using different approaches to therapy. It can get overwhelming when deciding who your teenager should see.

Look no further!

As a teenager depression specialist I only focus on helping teenagers stop depression from affecting their lives. I chose this specialty because I am skilled at talking with teenagers and am passionate about helping this age group!

Below are the three main reasons why teenagers choose to see me:

I Don’t Assume

Ever heard of the saying that assuming makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. I live by this saying! This means when your teenager comes to counselling, I will ask them A LOT of questions about their situation, their experience, and their opinions. They are viewed as the expert in their life and their voice will be heard and respected.

Your Teenager Names The Problem

Clients often come to counselling with a general description of the problem such as “I have depression”. But the word “depression” can mean different things to people and each person’s experience of it is unique. For example, someone might start off with the clinical way of describing their issue as “depression”, but as we explore, the client finds that they would describe the problem as “the weight” that stops them from having fun. Instead of diagnosing, I’ll listen to your teenager and honor their choice of words.

We Collaborate

Teenagers get sick and tired of people telling them: what to do; who they are; what they should be doing. Instead of me telling your teenager what to do, we work together to find solutions! Together, we’ll explore their problems and find solutions by expanding on their strengths, skills, capabilities, values, and beliefs that can help to stop depression from affecting their life.

Ready for your teenager to say goodbye to depression and begin their journey to a happier life?

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