How Six Counselling Sessions Can Help Stop Depression In Your Teenagers Life!

How Six Counselling Sessions WITH JULIA Can Help Stop Depression In Your Teenager’s Life!

When all we can see is the depression in our lives, it’s hard to believe that things can get better, let alone get better in just six sessions with a counsellor! But I’m here to tell you that it can! Of course, there are extenuating circumstances that can make change a longer process and I should state that results may vary… BUT… in my experience, most teenagers I see are feeling a lot better after just six sessions! So let me give you a general glimpse into how six sessions can help your teenager!

Session One:

In the first session, we will get to know each other, I’ll learn about the depression they are experiencing, as well as going over my forms and policy.

Session Two:

The first thing that we’ll do is to make sure I really understand what’s going on. Many issues can cause depression and many issues also appear in our lives when depression is present. They’ll probably hear me say “Am I getting this right?” or “So what you’re saying is”.

Session Three:

In this session, I’ll be interested in your teenager’s opinions about their relationship with depression. You’ll hear me asking questions like, “What is it like for you to deal with this?…. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?…. Why?”

Session Four:

In this session, I’ll inquire into beliefs, ideas, and practices of the broader culture that assist the depression they are experiencing. I’ll ask questions like, “What are your beliefs about… How did they develop?…. Does this belief help or hinder the problem?”

Session Five:

In this session, we’ll explore and expand on their feelings/desires/dreams/thoughts/abilities/actions, that help to stop depression from affecting their life.

Session Six:

By this session some things will have become clearer for your teenager. They will have a better understanding of how to stop the depression in their life and why the are experiencing depression.

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A Few Things To Note:

  • Narrative therapy is not an exact science or math equation. This means that some of the things we do in session two, we might also do in session three, or in all the sessions…depending on your needs.
  • These aren’t techniques. Narrative therapy is an orientation to counselling. Attempting to use narrative practices as techniques could have adverse effects.


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