10 Ways For Your Teenager To Destress At Home

10 Ways For Your Teenager To Destress At Home

Let’s face it, life is stressful for teenagers! Work, school, relationships, money, family… the future!!! Not to mention stress can lead to depression! Stress can make life hard to live, affect our bodies and health. Here are some easy things your teenager can do at home to decrease stress in their life!

1. Diffuse Scented oils

Unwind by diffusing scented oils that brings your teenager back to their favorite memories… maybe a scent that reminds them of a beach, woods, or summertime.

2. Power off

Suggest that your teenager turns off their phone for a bit at home… constantly getting updates and notifications keeps are minds on alert and makes it harder to distress.

3. Listen to music

Let your teenager turn on some tunes that they like and watch as their worries fad away as they focus on the beats, chords and their favorite songs’ message.

4. Watch Netflix

Let your teenager forget about their worries for while by watching a movie or tv show with them… perhaps suggest they choose something that doesn’t relate to their stressful life?

5. Get Cozy

Suggest to your teenager that they wrap themselves in a blanket, sip some tea, dim the lights and relaxxx.

6. Order in

Treat your teenager to their favorite meal.

7. Call a friend

Don’t let their worries build up inside them, suggest they call a friend or a family member to let the stress out.

8. Have a bubble bath

Relax and let the warm water release tension in your teenager’s muscles.

9. Journal

Journaling can also be an excellent way to release whats on your teenager’s mind.

10. Dance

Sometimes words cannot describe our experiences but there are other ways to express and release our tension. Invite your teenager to turn on some music and dance to their favorite beats.


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