How Pot Legalization In Canada Will Impact Your Teen

How Pot Legalization In Canada Will Impact Your Teen

Last week the Liberal government tabled bills that will make marijuana legal by July 1st, 2018. For many parents with teens, legalizing pot is a cause for concern since legalization could make pot easily accessible for teenagers and if caught with weed, charges will be stronger for minors.

What Parents Need To Know

  • The minimum age of requirement will be 18


  • Marketing to youth will be prohibited


  • If an adult sells or gives pot to a minor they will face up to 14 years in prison


  • If a youth is found in possession of up to five grams of weed they will not be criminally prosecuted


  • Police will test drivers suspected of being high by administering saliva tests


What It Means

The government hopes that this legislation will minimize marijuana use in minors since the penalties are so tough that adults will not want to risk illegal selling and distribution. This legislation also protects youth from consequences of criminal prosecution when caught with small amounts of weed. That means the teenage mistake will not hinder them from job opportunities or finding an apartment later on in life.


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