The Downward Spiral Of Depression

The Downward Spiral of Depression

A Conversation With Keltie, Halifax Physiotherapist

So a couple months ago I decided to some networking around Halifax, Dartmouth, and Bedford with the goal of meeting other practitioners, healers, and doctors who I could refer my clients to. You see, I believe in holistic care – that the more clients take advantage of the health services in our area, the better they will feel. Of course, I’m biased and think that counselling should always be included, but there are also some other amazing services here in Nova Scotia that compliment the treatment I do!

This week I met up with Keltie Cheney, a physiotherapist at One to One Wellness. I met her this winter and decided to try physiotherapy for the first time! For years I have had lower back pain, it has stopped me from doing activities that I love (like exercising). I was really surprised that after a couple of sessions with Keltie the pain began to go away! Her cheerful demeanor, positivity, and confidence that I would be pain free helped me to continue to do the exercises she prescribed. Below is what I learned about physiotherapy from Keltie and how it can help with stress, depression, and anxiety!

Physiotherapy is not just for people with injuries!

Though a big part of physiotherapy is helping people who have been injured, they ALSO help those who are experiencing negative physical effects of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. In our chat, Keltie told me that when clients are going through a stressful time it can cause parts of their body to tighten. Normally, after the stressful event is over the muscles would relax BUT for some… the muscles don’t. Sometimes our bodies get into a mode of protection and guarding and a chronic cycle of fight or flight begins to happen.

Say you’re going through a rough patch with a lot of social and family issues that’s combined with starting a new job or a break-up with a boyfriend. Things just culminate into one big thing and your body takes on the stresses such as tension and pain in your neck. This leads you to start moving differently to protect your body. BUT this protective movement is actually what’s keeping your body from going back to normalcy!  It’s what keeps you from activities you once enjoyed like biking, yoga, etc. that you may have done with friends. So now, you don’t get to do something that is a. healthy and b. social.


How Physiotherapy Can Help Depression

When teens are experiencing pain related to mental health issues like depression or anxiety, it can make it difficult for them to do activities and to participate in social events that could help to improve their mood. Physiotherapy can help teens with the physical effects of stress, anxiety, and depression and more so that teens can get back out in the world!

This is a way that one aspect of your life can significantly by altered for the better. And that can transfer into being more social because you’re not in as much discomfort… you can wake up in the morning and go to work or school and feel more comfortable AND enjoy your day more because you are not in pain.



Keltie empowers clients by giving them a sense of control over their body. She gives you the reasons why your body is in pain and ways to stop it. She explains why your body is reacting the way it is and teaches you how to get your body out of the fight or flight cycle. Through sessions, she tailors body awareness exercises to each client. Keltie makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly and adds and takes away exercises, as you get better!

For more information about physiotherapy, click here: One to One Wellness

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